THAT BABY WON’T BE DANCING AT THE SUPREME COURT – Obligations of copyright holders before sending a DMCA takedown notice

Lenz v. Universal Music Corp. represents 10 years of questionable effort on the part of the Electronic Frontier Foundation  (EFF) to curb an imagined potential for abuse by powerful copyright owners when sending takedown notices [...]

WITH ALL EYES ON COMEY, DOES IT MAKE YOU WONDER: “when is it legal to secretly tape a conversation?”

With the plethora of portable digital recording devices – hey everyone’s got one in their pocket or on their hip – this is no longer an issue for some undercover law enforcement action. Think conversations at work, spousal [...]

DOES YOUR STARTUP HAVE ITS INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY HOUSE IN ORDER? Cutting corners early on can be costly down the line

When you are starting your new exciting business, you want to develop your great product and get out into the market as quickly as possible, all the while keeping costs down.

However, at the same time, you will likely be [...]