CLOSING THE BARN DOOR – Guarding your IP during employment and when employees leave

Guarding your IP from theft is an ongoing issue. However, it becomes a critical issue upon the departure of an employee. Since employees WILL leave, you need to plan in advance for properly securing your IP.

Various laws (e.g., [...]

SOCIAL MEDIA AND TRADE SECRETS - Losing trade secret protection in the social media void

Social media interactions are second nature to many employees today. For this reason social media poses great risks to maintaining the secrecy of valuable information, unless managed properly. Here are some steps that employers [...]

BEWARE OF THE UNSOLICITED IDEA - Strategies for avoiding risk

 Businesses often receive through various channels unsolicited ideas for products and services. These  ideas may come from customers, partners or other third party interactions. The risk is that the idea resembles a product or [...]