SOCIAL MEDIA END RUN - LinkedIn post denudes non-solicitation restriction

Non-competition provisions are common for employees and enforceable in most states. The provisions can take various forms. However, the two most common are: (1) straight non-competition, which prevents the employee from [...]

LOSING IMMUNITY FOR ONLINE POSTINGS - How not to manage user-generated content

It is well known that sites that post reviews, even reviews that constitute clear defamation, are generally immune from liability. They have the Communications Decency Act (CDA) to thank for that. So, a notorious site like [...]

ONLINE REVIEWS - Pitfalls for positive and negative reviews

 Positive online reviews can be great, and for some, critical, for their business. Negative reviews can be very harmful and sometimes devastating. Therefore, unfortunately, there is a great temptation for some parties to tamper [...]